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About NiceJob

NiceJob is the easiest way for local businesses to get the reputation they deserve. Our software gets you more reviews, referrals and sales, through automating your reputation marketing. We believe that if you’re good at something, your work should just speak for itself. You shouldn’t also have to be a marketing expert to get customers for it. We want to become the leading reputation marketing platform globally, through creating products that ensure that great work never goes unrecognized, unappreciated or unrewarded.

Since January 2018 (when we were just 2 employees, the Founder leading product and the VP of Growth leading… well... growth), NiceJob has grown to almost $3 million in annual recurring revenue. We now have 27 staff, have been listed as one of the fastest growing tech companies in BC, and were recognized as the top 2 startup by New Ventures BC. All without any outside funding, purely our own revenue, of which is cash-flow positive.

When you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, normally you don’t ask what seat, you just get on. But here at NiceJob, we look for incredible talent at every level, hiring people who are looking for careers, not jobs. Innovation is our blood, and we’re redefining what it means to grow and market a business. We’re building a world where the businesses that truly care about their customers and do great work will win over those that don’t.

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The Role. The Goal.

The Graphic Designer will be the building block for the Marketing department to drive the production of creative assets across multiple channels, including print and digital. Assisting in the development and growth of a media production process for the construction of an expanded brand platform. Daily tasks will be structured to cooperate with all departments under the direction of the Content Marketing Director. This individual must possess a passion for creativity, project management, and asset production. This individual is able to manage tight timelines while ensuring that all creative assets are delivered at quality and per request.

Job Summary

Keep in mind, these are entirely subject to change based on where you get the most results. It’s a startup. You have to be adaptable and we’re open to that. Here it goes:

  • Support or lead various graphic design efforts in collaboration with marketing initiatives such as education courses, case studies, social media content, presentations, and reports.
  • Consolidate assets and monitor for quality, this may include updating assets already in circulation.
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders and be able to juggle multiple projects at once.
  • Produce high-quality materials for publication (digital and print)
  • Project management; you will need to set up a collaborative system for turning around projects to different marketing heads.
  • Assist with managing our marketing database: logos, photos, etc.
  • Assist with planning and preparation of materials for networking and promotional events, conferences, and speaking engagements
  • Research and keep current with graphics technology/production techniques


    You’ll need to be eager, innovative and ready to work hard. We’re moving fast, and that means doing a lot more in less time. Still, work-life balance is important so you won’t be taking on more than is reasonable to accomplish within normal working hours.

    Who you’ll be working with

    Check out the other members of the marketing team here.

    You’ll primarily be working with the current Community Marketing Director, Partnership Manager, and Content Marketing Director.

    Learn more about the team here:

    What’s In It For You

    Unless you’re looking to volunteer (hey, free labor is always appreciated), here’s what you’ll get.

    The Basics:

    • 💰 $45,000-60,000 Annual Base Salary depending on experience
    • 🛋 Flexible work hours out of our Gastown office (up to 30% at home after 3 month probation) - office is currently remote during COVID-19
      • 🏝 Unlimited paid vacation with an enforced 2 week minimum
      • 💥 Ability to make an impact
      • 😎 Fast-track career path to management, depending on interest/abilities (as we grow, new hires in these fields will more often report to existing employees)

      The Culture:

      • 🎉 We’re fun. We’re friendly. What more could you ask for. ;)
      • 😍 You’ll get to help people, and people will help you. We all genuinely care and are passionate about helping other people more than just ourselves.
      • 🏆 You’ll be recognized and respected because we’re a company devoted to helping get the reputation they deserve. That means you too.
      • 🌎 We’re proud to have a diverse team. Over half of our staff in office are women, and our team comes from all walks of life, different countries, ethnicities, ages, languages and experiences.
      • 🎓 Strong employee development (mentorship) with other top tier performers, in a culture of humility.
      • 👑 Hierarchy Schmhierarchy. We let you be your own boss here, we’re just here to keep you on track and give direction. You'll Also get to work closely with the leadership team.

      You can learn more about our culture here on our 16 page culture outline.

      You can also learn more about life at NiceJob and other tech startup jobs we have open here.

      Role Requirements

      There’s no cookie cutter model of the perfect applicant, so anyone can apply.

      As long as you think you have either the necessary skills, or the ability to learn them very quickly to do this role, you’re good. We care about your ability to execute, not your experience - though it certainly can be an indicator.

      That said, if this role is local, you must be legally allowed to work in Canada, with the intent of staying local for the long term.

      The ideal candidate should have ...

      • 3-5 years of experience in graphic design or a strong detailed portfolio
      • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop)
      • Working knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro, Aftereffects, Lightroom
      • Solid knowledge of printing processes, proper file creation, keen attention to detail and troubleshooting skills.
      • Exceptional typographic layout skills, specialized knowledge of methods and techniques of graphic design, color theory and layout, and high-level execution
      • Experience in preparing and troubleshooting final files with a good problem-solving ability and a proactive approach
      • Ability to manage multiple and competing work priorities, demands and changes.

      Additionally, the ideal candidate probably …

      • Demonstrates flexibility, attention to detail, professionalism, and finesse when handling the multiple and diverse demands of an extremely fast-paced environment
      • Can take a brief from concept to creative deliverables
      • Self-motivated and willing to experiment
      • Demonstrates sound creative judgment, supporting decisions with design principles, research data and other objective information.
      • Strong communication skills with an ability to manage multiple projects and teammates
      • Critical thinker with an ability to maneuver through a data-driven culture, translating insights and campaign performance data into actionable steps for creative development process

        Want to learn more about the marketing team here at NiceJob? Find everything you’d want to know here:

        Training and Your First Month

        We may be a startup, but we’re not just going to throw you into the deep end and expect you to swim. We’ll give you floaties too. 😉

        Jokes aside, here’s what’s in store for you:

        1. Pre-start date: You’ll learn about our company and our product, which we’ll discuss once you start.
        2. First week: You’ll spend your time learning the product, our industry, and, depending on your role, talking with customers to learn what makes them tick. You’ll use this info to help formulate a plan moving forward in week 2.
        3. Second week: You’ll begin any occupational skills training we have for you. We’ll run you through our existing systems, processes, what’s worked so far and what hasn’t, and your team leader will work with you to develop a plan moving forward.
        4. Third week: You’ll be starting to work on executing on easy wins to test the waters and put your plan in place. You’ll be mostly independent by this point.
        5. Fourth week and beyond: You’ll put your plan into place, and we’ll see what happens! You’ll be given the autonomy to make decisions, but will be held accountable to the results as well.

        You Can Interview Immediately

        It takes one minute to apply & you can interview right away - no cover letter required!

        1. Apply with your resume:

        • We'll have our systems analyze it, and if it looks like you're a good fit, you'll instantly be emailed step 2.

        2. On-demand video interview:

        • We'll ask you a few questions about who you are and why you'd like to join us. Record your video responses and we'll check them out ASAP. Don't worry about dressing up.

        3. In-Person Video Introductions:

        • It's time we really got to know each other! You'll come see if you like our Gastown office and we'll sit down and have a chat together - Due to COVID, this will be through video call

        4. The Offer:

        • If you make it this far, congrats! Usually you'll first have a short call with the Founder, and if that goes well, you'll get an offer shortly thereafter. Hopefully you'll be our next team member!

        Read about how our hiring process works here:

        Proudly an Equal Opportunities Employer

        At NiceJob, we don’t just accept diversity — we celebrate it, we encourage it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products and our community.

        We are committed to fostering belonging through a diverse and inclusive workplace.

        • We do not discriminate against any race, gender, religious affiliation, ethnicity or any other demographic.
        • We don't ask or pay people based on what they used to make. We pay people what they're worth. To resolve this, we benchmark positions against industry rates and then beat them to attract and retain the best talent.
        • Lastly, we hire for culture add, not culture fit so that we can gain unique skills, viewpoints, and ultimately innovation.

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        Find out what our customers are saying here, and read our Glassdoor reviews here.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        I’d like to learn more about the company and ask some questions, can I give someone a call?

        • Due to the volume of applicants we have, we typically don’t take calls until AFTER someone has applied and typically not until they’ve passed the first set of video questions: the Motivation/Goal Fit Video Interview. That said, if a question you have CANNOT be answered here:, on this job description, or otherwise on our website, please email us, and we’d be happy to answer it for you. If for whatever reason we can’t easily over email, we’re happy to give you a call.
        • In some special cases we will call and discuss the role with a candidate whom we have sourced via recruiter or through our own outreach.

        The videos interview recordings aren’t working for me, what do I do?

        • The applicant tracking and interviewing system we have is great. It does what we need it to do, and the system has worked great thus far for helping us process people faster, and giving candidates a platform to showcase themselves beyond a resume, allowing us to find talent we might otherwise have missed. That said, sometimes the software doesn’t work, and there’s not much we can do about. In those cases, we recommend trying on a different device (mobile sometimes has internet connectivity issues that cause problems), a different browser, clearing your cache and turning off extensions, or, if all that fails, you may respond back to the interview email with a private Youtube video link or similar recording for us to review, this is however not preferred.

        I don’t want to do a video interview, can I just come in instead?

        • Unfortunately no. We have to process everyone the same way or it’s not fair to other candidates, and it’s important for us and for you that we do the proper due diligence through our questions. You want to work somewhere with extraordinary people, and this is how we accomplish that. You can however take as long as you want to complete your videos, and you may re-record your answers until you’re comfortable with them. We want confident candidates, and you don’t want to show your face that could be a red flag.